A Letter from the Founders

Dear reader,

Hello and welcome to Issue 3! We’re so glad to have you back here browsing the pages of Otherverse Magazine again. We have loved curating the stories featured in this issue, and hope you will enjoy the fantastical, surprising, thoughtful and creative stories contained here.

As ever, we continue to feel honoured by the growth of our magazine from a concept shared among friends to a fully-fledged publication now in its second year of existence. There is an element of trust involved in what we do; when you crack open a new book, you offer your time and attention to the author’s words. We thank you for trusting us with your time and attention and hope we can continue to deliver stories which linger with you after the last page.

The continuation of Otherverse Magazine depends on you wonderful folks who read and share each issue. Donations made to Otherverse Magazine help us put coal in the engine and keep the train running. If you would like to support us with a monetary donation, it would go towards bringing more brilliant SFF writing to our magazine.

We would like to thank our fantastic authors. Barry Hale, J.M.A.S, MJ Collins, Maria Dean, Emma Brade and Mairéad O’Sullivan feature alongside us co-founders this issue, and we are delighted to have their work here. We were impressed by the number and quality of submissions we received for this issue, and some challenging decisions were made to decide on our final line-up.

The stories we have chosen reflect the limitless possibilities of science-fiction and fantasy writing and the creative ingenuity of these authors. A recurrent feature of these stories is the attention paid to writing at a sentence level, so that the smallest of statements makes an impact.

There is no right way to read Otherverse Magazine. We have ordered the stories in our Contents page to take you through a journey of unreal worlds and intriguing characters. However, you can start where you may, pause when you need, and end where you wish. The pleasure is all in the journey, and we hope it will be a brilliant one.

Until next time,

Yasmin Inkersole and James Geddis