Yasmin Inkersole
Head Editor

I am one of the founders of Otherverse, with a passion for discovering new worlds and strange magic. I write across a myriad of forms and genres, from sci-fi flash fiction to YA fantasy novels. I am often accompanied by a cavalier spaniel who snores while I write. I enjoy reading anything with a compelling narrative voice and characters who spring from the page.


James Geddis
Head Editor

As a founder of Otherverse, my love for sci-fi and fantasy has no beginning and no end. In my own writing, I hope to leave readers pleasantly baffled, often exploring concepts like surrealism, Jungian psychology, and pretty much anything else you could call “weird”. If you write stories with heartfelt characters, captivating plots, and with really out-there imagery that shouldn’t make sense, but does, I’m your reader!

Nina Kenney
Editor and Web Designer

Though not as much of a science fiction and fantasy writer as I am of contemporary fiction, I admire this genre so much. I love to write stories about character, to dive into the complexities of life and their effects on people. Oftentimes, when not reading or writing, I’m doing something outdoorsy, be it running, hiking, rollerblading, or gardening.


Chandler Coniglio


I am a twenty-something American who dabbles in fantastic and speculative fiction. When not hunched over my laptop, I enjoy playing tennis with my husband and walking through the English countryside.

Alex Clarke

I studied History and Philosophy and took my Creative Writing Masters at Warwick University. I am a lover of all things sci-fi and fantasy, inspired by my love of Gaiman and Pratchett. It’s difficult for me to write anything without a surprise ghost or demon turning up.

Alex Clarke

Jess Shannon

I am a graduate of the Warwick Literature and Creative Writing BA, returning in 2020/2021 to complete my MA. I love surreal fiction, big scary space drama and am terrified of spiders.

Amber Wyatt

I’ve always been a voracious reader of all things fantastical and I love to incorporate elements of fantasy into my own writing. I am a huge fan of Neil Gaiman, who essentially sponsors my bookcase at this point, and I am particularly interested in anything that deals with magick, witchcraft and the occult. Besides writing and reading, I am also an artist, yogi and hobbit.