Otherverse Magazine Map Making Competition

Submission Guidelines

This competition is open internationally to entrants over the age of 16. Your Google Form must be completed in English.

The artwork must be the original work of the entrant. Plagiarism will not be accepted in any cases, and will bar the submitter from entries to any future competitions or submissions to Otherverse Magazine.

We accept maps that have been previously published in any capacity, including self-publication or on social media. However, the creator must retain the rights to have the work submitted and published both digitally and in print elsewhere. 

The deadline for this competition is 6th February 2023.

Entries to our 2023 Map Competition must be made by paying the entry fee and filling out the Google Form below. The Google Form will allow the upload of one digital image. 

You may make as many submissions as you like. Each submission will require a separate entry fee and Google Form.

The entry fee is £4 for your first submission, and £3 for any subsequent submissions. 

Paying an entry fee entitles you to a free digital copy of Otherverse Magazine Issue 4. The issue will be released later this year and sent to the email address provided in your Google Form. Digital copies of the magazine are limited to one per submitter, regardless of the number of submissions made.

What are we looking for?

  • A digital copy of artwork in any medium, including hand-drawn maps.
  • Maps of any kind that relate to the genres of science-fiction and fantasy. These include, but are by no means limited to: maps of planets, continents, cities, spaceships, galaxies, houses, labyrinths.
  • The competition has no theme. You are invited to submit maps you have already created, or design a map to enter. These maps may refer to novels or stories you have written, or exist as stand-alone artworks.
  • Your submission should not be a map consisting only of real-world features, but may be inspired by them. For example, a map of Brixton exactly as it exists today would not be permissible. However, an imagined version of Brixton in the genre of fantasy noir would be acceptable.
  • We are looking to be surprised and intrigued by your map. The best submissions will comprise both artistry and imagination. Your map could be detailed or minimalist, but must inspire the viewer’s curiosity to look closer at every line and place it features.
  • We accept funny maps, modern maps, pirate maps, really any map that you can describe as belonging to either the fantasy or science-fiction genres. The most important aspect we care about is your map’s ability to spark curiosity. 


Every submitter to this competition will receive a free digital copy of Otherverse Magazine Issue 4 after its release later in 2023.

There will be one grand prize winner, whose work, map description and biography will be featured in Otherverse Magazine Issue 4. This will involve digital publication, and possible print publication in future. 

A gallery of up to ten selected runner-up submissions will be displayed on the competitions page of our website. 

Otherverse Magazine reserves the right to remove the category of runner-up submissions depending on the quality of entries we receive.


  • Your image must be submitted as a .jpg or .jpeg file. 
  • Try to keep the file size of your submission under 5MB to ensure it is properly uploaded.
  • The image should have a resolution of 300dpi. If the file size becomes too large at this quality, the submitter should be able to provide us with a 300dpi image if chosen as a winner or runner-up.

Submit to Us

Please make the payment for your submission here, using the button below. You will need a WordPress account to do so. If you would prefer to make your payment via PayPal, send your submission fee to yasmin.inkersole@gmail.com with the reference: MAPCOMP. You will be asked for the name of the cardholder or PayPal account owner who made this payment in the Google Form.

After making the payment above, please fill out the Google Form below to submit your entry. Best of luck!