Elle Boyd

My name is Elle Boyd and I have written stories since I could hold a pencil. I live in Nova Scotia, Canada, with my husband and our cat overlord. This is my first published work. You can find me on Twitter @theelleboyd.

What inspired you to write “Contra”?

I wrote it for a prompt to write a story about a post-apocalyptic romance. I had honestly expected virtual reality to have more of an impact on our daily lives by this time. In Contra, it’s one of many cultural products that are restricted from low-income earners.

Can you give us an insight into your writing process?

I have a full-time job that requires a lot of typing, so sometimes it’s difficult to find the gumption to … do more typing. Short stories I typically write on weekends, and my novel WIPs I squeeze in where I can. I do have a cat, but she is not interested in helping (or hindering) my writing, unfortunately!

What do you consider to be the most enjoyable or important aspect of science fiction or fantasy, and why? 

I like how broad both genres are. So many possibilities are encompassed within both science fiction and fantasy. I had no idea Contra could be considered sci-fi until someone brought it to my attention. All of my writing is simply “fiction” in my mind; it sometimes takes a third party to show I’m capable of writing multiple genres.

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