H. R. Walker

As cliché as it is, I don’t remember a time I wasn’t writing, it’s always been something I’ve loved to do. I primarily write historical fantasy stories, as it combines my love of ancient times and magic. I don’t know where that love has come from, but it’s deeply ingrained in me. Maybe it’s the escapism, I can be a creator of worlds, not just a person from Staffordshire.

I studied Creative Writing and Screenwriting at the University of Worcester and went on the do a Masters in Writing at the University of Warwick, where I was able to truly explore the fantasy and sci-fi genre and confirm to myself that this is where I belong.

My favourite thing to write about is magical Vikings.

What inspired you to write “Beneath the Church”?

I have always been interested in Norse Mythology and Culture, so when I saw the prompt about a Viking on the Otherverse Facebook page I decided to give it a go. I wanted to write a story about some kind of mythical creature that both featured cultures would think of as something else, an Angel or a Valkyrie, and have them both treat her differently.

Could you give us an insight into your writing process?

I have a part-time job, so on days when I work, I write when I can, but my perfect day is writing from 11AM to 9PM, with breaks for food. I work on several different stories at once so everything’s very chaotic but it works for me. I have two hamsters, which are more of a hinderance when I write, as they run across the keys, but they’re great moral support.

What do you consider to be the most enjoyable or important aspect of science fiction or fantasy, and why?

My favourite part is always the world building. I can and have spent hours working on fictional worlds that I just want to get lost in. I sometimes have fully fleshed out worlds but with no story yet to place in it, just sitting there, ready for inspiration to strike. I love how people can take nothing, and then build up an entire universe just from their own head. It’s something magical, and I love it.

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