Mairéad O’Sullivan

I live in Co. Kerry, Ireland, surrounded by mountain, moor and lake. I have an MA in Anthropology and greatly enjoy theorising about everything and anything. I used to make up stories as a kid and teenager, then tried to be ‘normal person’ for a bit, that was a terrible idea and I now write poetry and prose and allow myself to be myself. My poem ‘Skywalk’ appeared in The Madrigal (May, 2022), and my poem ‘Graveside Rain. May 2021’ appeared in ‘Local Wonders’ (Dedalus Press, Nov 2021).


What inspired you to write ‘One of Our Own’?

I’m a big fan of vampire tv shows, and I was thinking about how there’s something very Americana about the vampires in some of the American shows. They drink bourbon and hit the highway in Mustangs and Cadillacs. I was thinking about how a vampire might behave living in a small Irish town, that they’d keep to themselves for the most part, and their neighbours might be protective of them. 

Could you give us an insight into your writing process?

I work in a hotel, which is a story onto itself! The hours vary so I usually write on my days off. I like having long stretches of time to write in, if I can get them, so I can meander around the house with a cup of tea, or read a book for a bit, then come back to the writing.

What do you consider to be the most enjoyable or important aspect of science fiction or fantasy, and why?

With fantasy the first thing is the escapism. But I also think it’s the amplification of human experience. In a vampire story you can place great emphasis on the themes of mortality and the passing of time.