S Loh

I was born in Singapore on a Monday, which says it all. Former gifted student, chronic dreamer and a reformed pantser (now plantser), I write challenging and genre-bending works that tend to centre on family and mental health, often breaching the border between East and West. Prior to completing my Masters in Writing at Warwick, I worked as a content writer, freelanced as a television scriptwriter as well as comics translator. I am currently working on some exciting projects including a fantasy trilogy, a coming-of-age novel, a romance series and a podcast. You can connect with me on social media for obscure memes and unintelligible rants.
Instagram: @alyngeringthought
Twitter: @lyngering
Email: slhq92@gmail.com

What inspired you to write ‘Level 1: The Sims’?

I spent two years as a content writer for an online lifestyle magazine writing listicles that encouraged #FOMO in people desperate to get away from their own lives. As the cost of living continues to rise, people are giving up on owning houses and settling for Room to Kill. This sci-fi fix-up about a VR experience Holoday could feasibly exist in the next five years. It’s team-bonding laser tag, “The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes” on Netflix, the drunken hen-do yacht ride. If you’re a game dev or better yet, an investor, hit me up and we’ll get this unicorn made. In the meantime, check out this write-up I found in “Top 10 things to do during the long weekend”:

Experience a VR vacay like no other with Holoday! The brainchild of MaxFun and Players First, the Holoday presents thrill-seekers young and old with a getaway spiced with plenty of action. Relax by the pool by day, defeat bad guys by night! Defend your dream home and make unforgettable memories. Whether you’re going for a weekend blow-out or a week-long retreat, you’re guaranteed action-packed fun at a fully-customisable gamified vacation. 
Available at multiple locations, prices vary, check website for details.

Could you give us an insight into your writing process?

I currently work part-time and freelance while writing on the side. I do my best writing from 10pm-3am when it’s easier to slip into hyperfocus, I also edit or plan stories on my phone while commuting. My writing habits fluctuate depending on the difficulty of the scene and how close I am to the deadline. My greatest enemies are YouTube and TikTok.

What do you consider to be the most enjoyable or important aspect of science fiction or fantasy, and why?

Possibilities and parallels. It’s quite common to consider science fiction or fantasy as a porthole into a different world, a way to escape from the trappings of everyday life and marvel in the possibilities. For me, in addition to that, I also enjoy examining the reflection of my world in the porthole and how these worlds were constructed. What aspect of life is it based on? What is the author escaping from? And what, to quote every literature teacher ever, does that tell us?