Our submission window for Issue 4 is now CLOSED.

Thank you to all those who sent in their writing.

To be considered for Issue 5, please look out for our next submission window opening this Summer. You can also follow us on social media or sign up to our newsletter to be notified when the next submission window opens.

Please read the submission guidelines below carefully before making your submission.

Our Process

All writers chosen for publication will be paid a fee of £30 for each submission we feature. 

We charge a small reading fee of £2 for each submission in order to keep Otherverse running. Otherverse is a non-profit magazine, and all funds we make go straight into producing our next issue.

There is no limit to the number of submissions you can make. Please note that the reading fee charge is per submission and non-refundable.

If you would like to support our team and ensure the continuation of our magazine, we would welcome any donations in addition to the reading fee. We are extremely grateful for any donations received.

To submit your work to us, please follow these steps:

1. Read the submission guidelines and ensure your work is formatted correctly. Writing that does not follow our guidelines may be disqualified. 

2. Pay the appropriate reading fee using the payment button below (£2 for each submission you would like to send us). OR Please pay the appropriate reading fee via PayPal to the following email address:

3. Email us your submission(s) at:, with each submission as a separate Word document.

To ensure our content is of a high quality, our editors undertake a detailed process of reviewing, suggesting edits and proofreading the writing we select. We value the author’s right to choose how they edit their piece in light of our comments. Should your submission be accepted, please be aware that participating in our editorial process is necessary in order for your work to feature in the issue and the writer’s payment to be made.

CONFIDENTIALITY: Any personal information we receive from you (such as your phone number or email address) will not be shared with anyone outside of our editorial staff without your permission, unless we are compelled to disclose information by law.

General Submission Guidelines for Writers

We accept submissions from anyone aged 18 years and over. 

Entries can be from anywhere in the world but must be written in English.

We accept submissions of fantasy, science fiction and non-fiction writing of up to 5,000 words in length. Some exceptions can be made to this; please email if you have queries regarding your submission length.

All writers chosen for publication in Otherverse will be paid a fee of £30 per piece of work published. Please note that this is a fixed payment and does not depend on word count. 

For all works we accept for publication, Otherverse Magazine buys First English Language serial rights (electronic and print), and non-exclusive serial rights for reprints and future editions of the magazine. Writing that has been previously published, or is being considered for publication, is acceptable as long as the author retains all other rights to their work. Please notify us if and where your work has been previously published.

Any plagiarised work will be disqualified along with any other work submitted by the same writer. The writer will be banned from any future submissions to Otherverse Magazine.

We will also disqualify any work that we believe contains racism, sexism, homophobia, or discrimination of any kind that is intended as hate speech and not an aspect of a narrative. We are a magazine committed to providing a safe and inclusive place for all writers and readers, and we will not accept any hateful stories that betray our mission.

Successful submissions will be published in Otherverse Magazine Issue 4, due for online release in May 2023. Authors selected for publication will be notified via their given email address.

If you would like confirmation of your submission or have a question regarding your writing, please contact us at

Fantasy and Science Fiction Submissions

We accept science fiction and fantasy writing, and are open-minded regarding the boundaries of these genres. Speculative fiction, YA, magical realism, mythological, surreal, contemporary, and more genres are encouraged as long as they pertain to either science fiction or fantasy. Flash fiction, short stories, poems, comics, excerpts from novellas and novels are permitted. please specify the nature of your submission in your entry.

We accept non-fiction submissions. We seek articles that concern an aspect of fantasy or science-fiction, and are open-minded regarding subject matter. Articles on the publishing industry, genre boundaries, book or film reviews, etc are welcome. You may email us at if you have an article concept in mind and want to check if it would be a good fit for us. Please note that approval of a topic idea does not guarantee that your article will be published.

Non-Fiction Submissions

Sending Us Your Submission

Please ensure that each submission you make is in its own separate Word file. We can consider other file formats in special circumstances but please check with us first at

In the body of your email submission, please write the following information:

  • Your full name as you would like to be known if you are selected for publication.
  • The cardholder’s name for the card with which you paid your reading fee OR the name associated with your PayPal account.
  • The wordcount of your submission.
  • Your contact email address.

The subject line of your email should be as follows:
‘Submission to Otherverse (issue number) author name’

The title of your Word document should follow this format:
“Author’s preferred name. Title of Submission.”
Example: Olive Anker. The Tides.

How to Format Your Submission

  • The title of your submission should be written in bold. If untitled, please write ‘Untitled’ at the top of your story. 
  • Submissions should be in 11pt or 12pt Times New Roman and single-spaced, without indented paragraphs. Page numbers should be provided.
  • We accept both British and American grammar and punctuation, but one style must be consistent throughout the work.

If you have any questions concerning these guidelines, please feel free to contact us at