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Meet Alex

Well met travellers, my name is Alex and I’m one of the editorial team for Otherverse Magazine! 

Since I was quite young I’ve been an avid devourer of all things fantasy. I blame my parents for showing me “Lord of the Rings” at the ripe old age of six! As a kid I loved reading books about ancient myths and monsters of legend. I keenly remember one of the best Christmas presents I ever got was The Mythical Creatures Bible by Brenda Rosen, which I used to carry around with me wherever I went, challenging my friends to name a country so I could tell them what magical creatures they might find there. (That’s true and explains much about my childhood now that I think about it).

The Mythical
Creatures Bible

The Mythical Creatures Bible By Brenda Rosen

Later I moved on to other works. Classics like Tolkien and Lewis are always worth going back to, but the biggest influence on my work today will always be Terry Pratchett. I discovered Discworld when I was fourteen and meticulously read and then re-read all forty one books over the years. His wit and satire live rent free in my head constantly and if anyone hasn’t read Pratchett I simply cannot recommend them enough. They are simply wonderful and nothing I can say will do them justice. 

So that’s me, you can expect plenty of dragons, monsters and myths in most things I write, though my utter favourite will always be the Kraken. If you have a favourite myth or monster, please do say in the comments below! It’d be great to hear from you. I look forward to talking to you all again soon.