January Newsletter: Map Making Competition, Issue 4 Submissions Open and Latest Issue Release!

Greetings mythological beings and extra-terrestrial travellers!

We here at Otherverse hope you are having a Happy New Year. We have plenty of exciting news to share with you, and lots for you to get involved in! Read on to find out more…


If you didn’t know it, Issue 3 of Otherverse Magazine was released in December, and is available for your viewing pleasure on our website! You can find the latest issue right here. Featuring some tongue-in-cheek cover art and stories about everything from the end of the world to a pub-going vampire, there’s plenty to sink your teeth into (pun intended).

We are so proud of the writers and stories involved in this issue. We hope you will enjoy flipping through the virtual pages of these entrancing tales.


Are you a writer with a passion for science-fiction or fantasy? Do you have a short story or novel extract you’d love to share with the world? Fancy the chance to be published? Then submit to Issue 4 of our magazine! We’d love to read your work and consider every entry we receive. To get started with your submission, just click right here: https://otherversemagazine.com/submissions/.

If you’re on the fence about submitting or have that one manuscript in your drawer that you just haven’t been brave enough to share yet, we want your words. Nothing is possible without taking the first step… and who knows where it may lead!


In a thrilling Otherverse first, we have launched a map competition! Never heard of a map making competition before? Well, neither had we, which is why we’ve made one. In our experience of working with writers, we know what a creative bunch they can be. Many writers out there are cartographers on the side, drawing simplistic, or intricate, or beautifully imaginative maps of worlds they have invented. Sometimes these are created to go along with a book they are writing. Sometimes they’re just made for fun!

Our competition is open to any and everyone who has made (or wants to make) a science-fiction or fantasy map. This could be a map of any place, from a haunted house to a spaceship or magical sky city.

Artists, writers, poets – this is your chance to submit your creations. We think it’s a shame that so many brilliant and lovingly made maps don’t have a place to be shown off to the world. We want to be that place, and we hope you will enjoy sharing your maps with us.

Click here to find out more and submit to our Map Making Competition: https://otherversemagazine.com/competitions/

That’s all from us. We hope you will submit to our upcoming issue or map making competition. Seeing new work from our growing community of writers, readers and artists really makes our day.

Over and out,

The Otherverse Team


The Issue 2 Submission Window is Now OPEN!

Dear reader,

Thank you so much for your support of Otherverse Magazine. Our first issue was launched with great success, and we are thrilled with all the positive messages we have received. Otherverse is a project fuelled by passion and dedication, and to see the first issue come to life has been a true joy.

On the back of this success, we are so excited to look ahead to the release of Issue 2 next year. Otherverse Magazine cannot exist without brilliant writing. We have been so fortunate to read through many excellent submissions this year, and we hope that issue 2 will feature plenty of exciting new stories.

So, whether you’re a published author or new to the game, get your submissions in to us by 11:59pm on Monday 14th February 2022! This date may seem a long way off, but it will catch up to us quickly! Make sure to check out our submission guidelines before you send in your writing.

There is a £1 reading fee for each submission you send us, which helps to keep this magazine running. There is no limit on how many stories you can submit. Authors selected for publication receive a flat fee of £30.

Good luck, and happy writing!